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Frontier Frames Support

Author:Richard Sucgang
Posted:9/14/1999; 8:52:30 AM
Topic:Frontier Frames Support
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Here is a topic that troubled me enough that I spent 6 hours searching for answers - has anyone implemented comprehensive support into Frontier? Important things are implementation of the target attribute into the #glosspatch mechanism, relative link management of tags (glossFrame?), management of the pageheader and pagefooter macros to take into account. <p> There is a remarkable dearth of informatin on this topic. A while back, it wouldn't have mattered, but now it does. A bunch of us are collaborating on generating not only a multiperson authored dynamic website - but the site itself is hosted on multiple servers at multiple locations. The best way to enable separate managers without making any one server the "uber-site" is FRAMES. <p> Any information would be avidly read (and greatly appreciated). I'll let you know if I actually end up writing new tools for this. <br><br><hr><b>There are responses to this message:</b><ul><li>&nbsp;<a href="msg010999.html">Re: Frontier Frames Support</a>, Samuel Reynolds, 9/14/1999; 9:57:28 AM<p><li>&nbsp;<a href="msg011000.html">Re: Frontier Frames Support</a>, Samuel Reynolds, 9/14/1999; 10:19:29 AM<p></ul> <br><br><hr>This page was archived on 6/13/2001; 4:52:36 PM.<br><br>&copy; Copyright 1998-2001 <a href="">UserLand Software</a>, Inc. </blockquote></blockquote> </body> </html>