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Re: New Third Voice version out

Author:Ned T. Baugh
Posted:9/15/1999; 8:53:08 PM
Topic:New Third Voice version out
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I'm not making a living at this web stuff, so my perspective might be a little elementary, but ...

This stuff seems to me like a way to post newsgroup-type messages to a server and have them show up next to the website being commented on (excuse the grammatical stretch). Just as people who don't subscribe to list serves won't see the content of threads about a particular site, people who don't use 3rd voice won't see the messages posted there. Those who do use it will find that they are getting content all sorts of unmoderated content where before (at least in the case of scripting news/DG) things were nicely edited.

My guess is that people who want that sort of stuff will gravitate to other sites anyways.

Is this technology really any better than newsgroups or web-based discussion groups? I don't see how yet.

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