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Re: New Third Voice version out

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:9/15/1999; 8:49:05 PM
Topic:New Third Voice version out
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I'm not sure how it is terribly different from a website which puts scripting news in one frame, and scripting news-related Usenet postings in another frame. (This doesn't work so well with Scripting News; imagine instead Red Hat, Apple or Microsoft.) Third Voice is simply more efficient and more directly linked to website content.

Two points:

  1. Why would it be OK to put scripting news in one frame, and related Usenet content in another without the permission of either? Framing would appear to be very shaky business at best.
  2. "Third Voice is simply more efficient." Well, while I would still challenge the first part of your statement, it is OK to look up "Scripting News" on No challenges there! So, where's the line between "cracking into server and changing content" (the ultimate illegal act) and "nothing" (the ultimate legal act)?

My personal goal is mostly to get people started thinking about the issues, such as where the line is for what people can do with your content without your permission. In the end, the final answer hardly matters to me; if I don't like where the web goes, I can abandon it. Young, footloose, and fancy free. Still, for something with such great possibilities, I don't want everybody to just stumble into something with these ramifications without thinking first.

If nobody else cares, then neither do I. However, I can see I'm not the only one who cares right now :-)

IMHO, the best response is to ignore Third Voice, and their users, because it's not likely to be terribly significant in the grand scheme of things. I mean, is there *any* utility to it? Is the signal/noise ratio high enough to provide any useful content?

Overall, I definately agree with you. The issue of what somebody is allowed to do with your website is far more importent to me then Third Voice itself, which, while it won't disappear, will become a cess-pool of the web and marginalize itself.

Unfortunately, this cess-pool will be connected to "my" homepage... but that is part of business, I guess.

(Interesting thought to explore, for those who don't mind Third Voice: When everyone uses it or something like it, businesses will not want to conduct business on the web, legitimate or otherwise. You can't walk into a car showroom and start bad-mouthing all the cars; businesses won't put up with it. What will they replace the web with? Some secure method that ensures no Third Voice on the showroom floor? Proprietary applications to access the shopping area? Beats me, but something would emerge. Somehow, I doubt it will be as open as the web.)

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