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Author:Mark Nottingham
Posted:9/16/1999; 8:30:14 AM
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Interesting. Maybe they were thinking that it's more a W3C type of thing? Odd. The IETF definately doesn't work in a traditional fashion (remember, there really is no 'they' ;-), but they're the best chance for interoperability.

To me, there isn't that much overlap in the application areas of the two; WebDAV is for maintaining content that Web Servers store, and is very specialised for that task (although the versioning/locking/etc features could be useful in a more generic setting), while XML-RPC is a much more generic transport mechanism.

If you used XML-RPC for DAV, you'd need to actually define the proceedures, so that products would be interoperable. In a perfect world, it might have been just that - an extra layer on top of XML-RPC. Didn't happen that way.

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