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Re: Communities for tech women

Author:Lynn Siprelle
Posted:9/16/1999; 2:31:46 PM
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Dori, I couldn't agree with you more!

The problems you speak of ("don't bother your purty lil head, missy") haven't plagued me in a few years, but it always used to amuse me when some people assumed either, since I knew what I was talking about and we were probably talking via email, I was a male Lynn (they're out there), or they'd tell me I didn't know what I was talking about (if you're so smart, why are you asking me?). Since this was in the context of my heading the tech support department for a large regional ISP (and then being the webmaster there), it was especially amusing. And it could be either men or women, btw.

These days, though, I usually *don't* know what I'm talking about, as anyone on the Frontier lists knows. ;) But that's why I'm on those lists, to learn.

And the flamewar thing, boy howdy. I always say my moms list, with all the raging hormones around pregnancy and early motherhood, is more civil than some of the programming lists I'm on. I cannot remember the last flamewar on my women-in-web-business list. They happen, they're just not that common.

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