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Re: Communities for tech women

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:9/16/1999; 3:09:13 PM
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I'm the author of the message you deleted. I can't parse what you wrote:

I deleted one response to Dori's story that said she was wrong. I'll bring it back for a couple of minutes. This is where I think we take the wrong turn.

What I was objecting to is (as far as I can tell) the intolerance expressed by her stereotypical stories and urban legends. She says:

I'm not saying that these are all because I'm female, although I've heard (possibly apocryphal) stories of women posting under male or gender-neutral names, who find that they're then treated very differently online.

Instead of assuming sexist bias, we can explain each of her stories away with a simpler explanation:

I ask a fairly complex JavaScript question of an online group. I get back responses along the lines of "Is your computer plugged in?".

The person who answered is an idiot! :)

I'll answer a question online, and the person will repost their question and want to know why no one's answering them.

The person who asked didnt get or missed your reply. Sorry.

I'll answer a question online, and later, someone else will answer it with the same response. The author of the original question will thank the 2nd person.

The net is asynchronous and (a) the second person to answer hadn't seen your reply yet, and (b) the person who asked got their reply before yours. Happens all the time.

Where's the beef? Show me *evidence*.

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