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XML-RPC in message queue products

Author:James Carlyle
Posted:9/17/1999; 9:37:04 AM
Topic:XML-RPC in message queue products
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XML-RPC delivers method calls over a HTTP post request. The client waits for a reply. This seems like a synchronous call.

I've read how it's possible to simulate asynchronous calls using Frontier, by using the betty.rpc.client to handle the queueing, and to keep trying until the call succeeds.

Couldn't the same format of XML-RPC (or SOAP) be used in mainstream message queue products? Particularly since Microsoft is both behind SOAP and also the vendor of MSMQ? The benefits would be that the method call XML payload would be the same, and the decision to deliver it via a synchronous HTTP POST or into an asynchronous message queue could be deferred and depend upon other criteria.

Please excuse me if this an old idea.

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