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Re: What about XSL on the Server?

Author:Scott Sweeney
Posted:9/17/1999; 12:07:11 PM
Topic:scriptingNews XSL for Microsoft XML Parser(IE5)
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I'm not sure, but as an FYI, you can use my XSL from the server for browsers not using IE5 by using the Microsoft XSL Parser and instantiating it from your server via an ASP or other method.

Try this demo from any browser.

Here's the ASP page:

<% m="" s=""

set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") set xslDoc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

xmlDoc.async = false xmlDoc.load(m)

if 0 <> xmlDoc.parseError.errorCode then

Response.Write("XML parseError on line " & xmlDoc.parseError.line)

end if

xslDoc.async = false xslDoc.load(s)

if 0 <> xslDoc.parseError.errorCode then

Response.Write("XSL parseError on line " & xslDoc.parseError.line)

end if

str =xmlDoc.transformNode(xslDoc) response.write(str) %>

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