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Re: Exploring epinions

Author:Naval Ravikant
Posted:9/18/1999; 5:48:14 PM
Topic:Exploring epinions
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We'll go ahead and make our weblog more prominent. Instead of just saying "more", we should say "All Recent Reviews." We're also going to bubble up more of the reviews to the category levels based on your and other people's feedback.

You're right about covering more products. Most of my audio equipment isn't covered since it's considered audiophile gear. We're trading that off against the site looking empty. As more of the current products fill up with content, we'll expose the less popular ones. Which computer were you looking for, by the way? With the exception of servers, our computers category should be fairly comprehensive.

We cover almost all cars, since that's a small category (in terms of number of products).

Multiple RSS channels are on the way, for general epinions or category-specific ones. If there was some way to tie in the registration databases, then we could even send the epinions written by your favorite authors / reviewers. There are hundreds of features on our list, so this may take a few weeks, but it will be there.



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