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Re: Exploring epinions

Author:James Carlyle
Posted:9/19/1999; 7:50:06 AM
Topic:Exploring epinions
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Dear Naval,

Multiple RSS channels are on the way, for general epinions or category-specific ones

Take a look at Network54, who publish one RSS (and Scripting News) channel for each forum on their site (e.g.;xml=rss;rssversion=0.91). In order to see something as RSS instead of HTML, one uses the same URL with xml=rss tacked on, or with xml=scriptingnews.

They also provide a list of channels using OCS, which is a simple format for capturing some of the details of the channels (see This allows portals and viewers to show the user what channels you provide. The OCS for Network54 can be seen at;xml=ocs.

Hope this helps,


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