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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/19/1999; 8:34:36 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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A new open spec for preferences flow thru XML-RPC explains how to build a distributed website, with some or all of the machines serving dynamic pages with per-user customization, and provide a single place for the user to set preferences and have the changes percolate to the other servers on the network.

We want to see a common way to build networks out of mixed content systems, such as PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, Zope. The reason we're taking a leadership role is that we want Frontier to be an important part of those environments. As we move forward, every link in our chain is openly specified. Today we have publicly explained how another of our links works. Competition is welcome. If there's a reason this spec won't work in an environment you use or have created, please get involved.

Don Box on SOAP: "Both XML-RPC and SOAP allow you to get a server and client up and running in less than an hour. Both also require more than an hour to become completely generic and compliant." Amen!

Developmentor's SOAP page.

Read this InfoWorld article and then think about how Microsoft launched SOAP, in the middle of a confusing array of buzzwords and market-jibberish. This in an incredible screw-up, the analysts are proclaiming DNA as a Windows-only thing, when SOAP, if it were at the core of Microsoft's plans (is it?), makes it completely non-Windows-centered. So much confusion!

If I were Microsoft's marketing god, playing with the hand they have right now, as I understand it, here's what I would have told the press.

New channel: Linux Planet.

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