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Re: If I were Microsoft's Marketing God

Author:David Valentine
Posted:9/19/1999; 10:30:11 AM
Topic:If I were Microsoft's Marketing God
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What is MS up to?

It just put out a new vision for it's DNA, and said we are planning on cleaning up our act, here's the SOAP.

MS just bought softway for it's Internix, a POSIX compliant layer for NT. It already has Unix services for NT using tools bought from MKS. This all this activity occurs as nearly all the big GIS and CAD developers are concentrating on NT (Autocad [long gone], Intergraph, ESRI, ERMapper, MapInfo, Erdas). It must be a checkbox for government contracts (posix 2, check), even though they say Unix and DNA in the same sentence.

In addition, MS PR will have a few more worries on Monday Morning. As the NY times says that MS now appears to want to redefine "Independent" [We all know that multiplatform in MS terminology used to mean it runs on NT and Windows 98.]
NY Times: Unbiased' Ads for Microsoft Came at a Price
Which has been picked up by a few other news outlets.
CNET: Microsoft secretly paid for ads for Independent Institute
SF Gate: Microsoft Admits Deception Firm paid for institute's ads backing its antitrust position

The Independent Institute does not appear so indpendent. It let MS write off $157K for advertising, and will be needing to hire that PR person real soon.

And MS wants to rally the stockholders with the freedom to innovate.

And I had a hell of a time with MS's "freedom to integrate". It seems that IE on one NT server, running IIS4, may have problems sending authorization to another IIS server. The only thing installed was the NT option pack, and now I can't get to a passworded virtual directory. But I should have known, it's a golden rule. An irreversable golden rule that's not in the readme.

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