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MakeThumbNails Droplet Announcement

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:9/20/1999; 10:01:35 AM
Topic:MakeThumbNails Droplet Announcement
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Over the weekend, I wrote a Frontier Droplet for the Macintosh that uses the Mac version of Corel Photo-Paint 8 (part of CorelDraw 8) to process 'JPEG' or 'GIFf' File Type images into JPEG thumbnails and storing them in a separate folder.

See stored as a FatPage.

The scripts at user.CorelPaint could be modified to work with other platforms and scriptable graphic products because it is built in modular fashion.

It works with a single file, groups of files, or a folder of files with error checking. An Error Log is created using the folder drop option if a file can not be processed. If a single file is processed and a bad File Type encountered, then an alert is issued.

There are ReadMe's and a prefs table to use for settings.

XML-RPC enabled capabilities could be considered and implemented in a future release.

I used Heath Tanner's, publishCode macro on my FatPage to present the script code in html. Thanks Heath!

Have fun!

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