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Re: CompUSA: Don't call us...

Author:Tucker Goodrich
Posted:9/20/1999; 10:31:56 AM
Topic:CompUSA: Don't call us...
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There's a good reason for this: they are getting rid of a lot of their sales people, so I guess at some point there won't be any one at the store to talk to anyway.

I looked for a Compaq laptop at CompUSA earlier this year. The guy gave me some nonsense about how the Compaq laptop wouldn't be covered by Compaq's warranty, since it was sold through CompUSA, and that any fix would require the laptop to be sent to Texas for repair.

I insisted on seeing the warranty in the box to verify this. After about 1/2 hour, they produced it. Sure enough, the guy was lying--the laptop was fully covered.

I took my business elsewhere, and I don't feel sorry for the CompUSA salespeople who are being let go.

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