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FileMaker to Frontier to XML (Updated)

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:9/21/1999; 1:20:21 PM
Topic:FileMaker to Frontier to XML (Updated)
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"qbullet.updated" FatPage at

This is a set of scripts to process database records (text fields only) retrieved from Macintosh version FileMaker Pro 4.x and storing them in a Frontier ODB and then converted into XML. However the remaining scripts are cross-platform.

This update allows "repeating fields", List data type fields to be parsed as sub-tables within the ODB Record table. Although the example script uses Mac FMPro, other databases from other platforms could be used as explained next.

The main script that does the parsing is cross-platform and could use text data retrieved from other databases, maybe using XML-RPC to obtain that data. One such example might be using Doug Brewer's, "RunSQLQueryRemote" script

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