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Re: Zeldman icons in global glossary

Author:Nicholas Riley
Posted:9/21/1999; 6:13:38 PM
Topic:Global glossary
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Not to mention those of us with modems will have trouble. I gave up after about half of that page. I like the way many email programs and newsreaders display the size of messages next to them - shouldn't be -too- hard for the DG I don't think, if the links are stored locally. Actually, it depends on when the glossary entries are expanded - is it at the time the page is served (assuming it's not cached), or at the time the page is edited? One way to find out I guess - Edit This Page! "qbullet.qbullets"

Looks like the entries are not expanded when you go back to edit, so it would probably be possible to attach a size to the glossary entries that reference images, or at least indicate the number of images referenced, maybe by one of those cute little qBullets. Makes a lot of sense. This is really neat...


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