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Global glossary

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/21/1999; 8:16:08 AM
Topic:Global glossary
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This morning I'm working on a long-put-off project, a global glossary that will work across all UserLand.Com sites, which includes this Discussion Group.

How the glossary works -- it's a table of shortcuts. If you type the name of a shortcut in "double quotes", when the page is rendered, and if there's a defined shortcut with that name, a substitution is performed.

I've started the glossary out with the set of "qbullets" published by Matterform a few years ago. They're neat little icons that mean something. I also added icons from Zeldman.Com. Excellent!

Glossaries have been in Frontier since 1996, but now we're working on interfaces that show them thru to users of our editorial software. Since you guys are always the guinea pigs for this new stuff, here it is, all the Matterform icons, all the Zeldman icons, and more, ready for you to use them in your postings.


If you want to see a list of all the glossary elements that are available, check out:

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