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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/23/1999; 7:19:20 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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New Channel: Salon.Com. Schwinnng!

Jon Phillips from Desktop.Com responds to our questions. "We're working on getting our API together and putting it out as quickly as possible."

UserLand.Com's global glossary now has people in it.

Here's a sample script that reads the global glossary into your object database. It's just seven lines of code! Source.

LinuxWorld: Introduction to AOLServer.

JavaWorld: Scripting Java Apps.

ComputerWorld: Microsoft's Net Stragegy.

Motley Fool on Apple Computer: "Unlike other PC manufacturers, Apple is also a major software company. Macs use its unique operating system, which offers the most viable mainstream alternative to Microsoft's Windows."

Wired: Visio's Changing Vision. "Visio will stay in its downtown Seattle office, far from Microsoft's Redmond campus, and Jaech and his management team will still run what will now be known as Microsoft's Visio division."

Cringely: "For the sake of Microsoft, the new model says that the corporate culture of the company being bought has to die."

Fredrik Lundh: Does anyone have a public SOAP server?

I get lots of email from people who want to know what XML-RPC is. I send them a pointer to this DaveNet piece from July 1998. For some people this flips the switch.

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