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My.Userland.Com searching, weblogs

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:9/23/1999; 7:21:46 AM
Topic:My.Userland.Com searching, weblogs
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I was just working on Redmonk.Net and I wondered if I could search and get results from my website, since all my news content is xml-ized as an SN2.0b1 file.

Well, I checked, and no dice. is not part of the search. (I tested to be sure, doing a search for The only result was from my recent DG post about CompUSA. No content from my.userland.

So, I tried This returned one link, to, also about CompUSA. This one I can't tell where the link came from.

So- my thoughts. It would be great if one could search the content at my.userland, and if desired, specify a news source to limit the search to. This way, since I run a static-only site, could let people search for content that I've generated over the last while.

Perhaps this isn't high on UL's priorities, or not in UL's interests; I just think it's an interesting idea and thought I'd share it.



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