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Re: A new groupware feature

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:9/23/1999; 7:59:28 AM
Topic:A new groupware feature
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I am torn between calling this the most pointless thread I've ever seen on this DG, or calling this thread one of the most effective threads ever.

Either way, I feel drawn, nay, compelled to post now.

Is anything else going to be going into the Glossary? As I recall, "Microsoft" is already there, but what about other things we see a lot of, like "Wired"?

I ended up turned off the glossary in my copy of Frontier, it tended to get in my way (snippets of ASP code would get "expanded" when a string happened to match something in a glossary). I implemented something a little different for my purposes. This is certainly a cool application of it, though!

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