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Re: A new groupware feature

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/23/1999; 12:05:23 PM
Topic:A new groupware feature
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However, it seems like it'd be only useful for the kind of volume Slashdot gets, not for the (much smaller) amount of volume that Discuss.UserLand.Com does. Also there's tighter editorial control and better focus here, as Dave has pointed out on several occasions, so the general quality of postings tends to be higher.

There may be tighter focus, but what I'm looking for are the 5's of the slashdot world. The posts that clearly answer a particular question that I'm having, especially when the documentation revealed by my search question doesn't have the answers.

For example,$8553

Was the exact answer that I was looking for. I'd like to call that out as a useful article.

A logical question, then, is how to do this? Let anyone vote? Should these tags only be visible to the poster, or to others?

Ideally, these tags would be reflected in the relevance in the search engine. If they're only visible to the poster, it's an ego stroking thing. If I'm looking for documentation, I don't typically need to search for the same thing more than once, since once I find the answer, I have sample code to work from for the next time.

As for who votes? Members. Maybe some reputation thing modifies the power of the vote. Maybe not.

And I also think that having a would be a cool and useful thing.


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