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Re: A new groupware feature

Author:Nicholas Riley
Posted:9/23/1999; 10:29:09 AM
Topic:A new groupware feature
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Eric Soroos wrote:

I'd like to tag/rate/promote the DG articles that I found useful. Sort of along the line of "this posting answered a question" or "this is really insightful".

Sounds a lot like Slashdot's rating system - I'm not suggesting they were the first, but it's the most visible one on the sites I visit regularly. I really get some great stuff when I set the filter level to 2 or so and just read through articles. However, it seems like it'd be only useful for the kind of volume Slashdot gets, not for the (much smaller) amount of volume that Discuss.UserLand.Com does. Also there's tighter editorial control and better focus here, as Dave has pointed out on several occasions, so the general quality of postings tends to be higher.

A logical question, then, is how to do this? Let anyone vote? Should these tags only be visible to the poster, or to others?

"Nicholas Riley" - do I get a glossary link?

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