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Java in its uberness was a smoke-blow

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/24/1999; 9:35:19 AM
Topic: "Java was a smoke-blow"
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I meant no disrespect to Java developers.

It was a bullet point. Let's double-click on it.

Java in its "uber-ness" was a smoke-blow.

I remember having a conversation with a Java exec at Sun, I said let's get Java running in Frontier. With a straight face she told me I had to covert to Java.

This was the same argument they had with Microsoft. Pretty brave of them considering they had no way to deliver the functionality they would have needed to challenge Windows.

Now, if Java had been a full desktop OS in 1995, they could have taken a big share of the market from MS. But they didn't. That's the smoke-blow.

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