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Re: Java was a smoke-blow

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:9/24/1999; 10:03:09 AM
Topic: "Java was a smoke-blow"
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The UCSD courses in Java run with about 30+ students in several classes every sememster at a cost of about $500 a piece (plus books). These are bright people and are part of the million or so Java Developers out there.

Earlier this week I attended the monthly meeting of the San Diego Java SIG. The room was overflowing with bright developers who also use Windows (and at least one Mac) to develop software on. The attendees are not wasting their time, Java is very real to that group.

Java is not smoke and mirrors. Not with development companies devoting many resources towards Java markets, not with so many internal-corporate projects using Java for solutions. IBM alone has over 13,000 developers working on Java!

Java is on the rise; like Linux, Apple, and Frontier. Ride the wave. :-)

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