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Armed Linux

Author:Mesplé Fabrice
Posted:9/25/1999; 12:49:56 PM
Topic:Armed Linux
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From the GKD list (Global Knowledge for Development):

What is Armed Linux?

Armed Linux is a new Linux distribution meant for first time users and people who need Linux as a secondary operating system. A small group of developers and users, we believe in Linux and want to see it flourish. We also understand that in today's market Microsoft has a monopoly on the desktop operating system. The reality is that it is difficult to do without a Microsoft product on your system. Many people would rather run something else; something stable and able to be customized. To fill the hole we have developed Armed Linux.

Our Design Statement

To develop a version of Linux for the first time user; to be a guilt free, easily reversed, non-destructive distribution that co-exists with existing Microsoft operating systems.

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