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Re: Frontier Reliabilty in question.....?

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:9/25/1999; 11:21:30 AM
Topic:Frontier Reliabilty in question.....?
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Lots of people run Frontier on Macs using various versions of 8.0. I myself run Frontier on 8.6.

I looked through the Frontier-Users list on this topic, and here's a summary of things to check:

1) Are you running OSA Menu? If so, try disabling it.

2) If you have Iomega drivers, are they up-to-date?

3) Have you applied the Font Manager Update?

4) How much memory is allotted to Frontier?

Then there are things to try no matter what OS you're using:

1) Have you done a Save a Copy on all your guest databases and Frontier.root?

2) Have you tried using a completely fresh copy of Frontier to see if the problem still occurs?

3) Have you set up logging so it only goes to guest databases, and not to outlines or text files?

4) Have you disabled the Changes Pages feature?

5) Can you isolate what Frontier's doing when it hangs? If it's in the same set of code every time, that would definitely be worth knowing.

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