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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/27/1999; 7:52:07 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: Take Microsoft's Invitation Seriously.

PC WEEK: Lather over SOAP. "Why was Microsoft flying SOAP under the radar? It looked much like a pre-emptive strike against the established distributed object interaction standards of CORBA—a vendor-neutral option currently favored 2-to-1 over Microsoft's COM, according to Forrester Research."

Why was PC WEEK blind-sided? They wouldn't have been if they read InfoWorld or DaveNet.

I love the web, but Third Voice scares me.

Brian Carnell: "A few months ago I banned a user from posting in the discussion forums area of all my web sites after he kept trolling from one to the other posting these long diatribes defending sexual contact between adults and minors."

Last week on the XML-DEV list, a complaint from people who want less email. They wanted summaries of the important postings. So I suggested that what the XML-DEV list needs is a weblog. "It would be great if someone could point to all the major postings on this list from the web on a daily basis," I said.

This morning I notice that there's a My.UserLand channel that accepted the challenge. I love the web!

Dan Bricklin's story of his trip to the Digital Storytelling Festival in Crested Butte, CO.

I got excited about this festival too in 1997.

Heads-up: On Sept 30, the special "grace period" pricing for Frontier expires.

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