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Look and feel of a web site...

Author:Sam Yates
Posted:9/27/1999; 9:29:07 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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While I agree that you should obviously have editorial control over your own site (even though I'm not sure that is related to what Third Voice is doing), I have a bit of a problem with the statement:

"I think I have the right to control the look and feel of my web site..."

I actually think the opposite should be true. I should the ability (I think the term "right" is thrown around way to much these days) to view your site with the look and feel that *I* choose. If I want to turn off images in my browser, that is my choice. If I want to browse the web with a PDA, that is also my choice. I think it would be pretty bogus to say for instance, "You can only browse my site using IE5 in Windows NT at 1024x768 resolution with all images displayed, etc, etc." Obviously people can attempt to design sites that works like this, but I think that users will tend to resent the publisher's attempt to control their viewing experience.

To respond to Dave's comment about the potential for a "bundled" Third Voice-type product: As long as services like Third Voice are an option and not a default, I think we won't have too much to worry about from them. Even if Microsoft chose to include one with IE, I doubt that too many people will want their browsing experience to be cluttered with a bunch of mindless spam over all the sites. I know I wouldn't.

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