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a couple my userland suggestions

Author:Paul Nakada
Posted:9/27/1999; 3:07:06 PM
Topic:a couple my userland suggestions
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i've been playing with my weblog reader, and thought you might be interested in a couple features.

a) a way to "narrow" to a particular weblog, but stay withing the weblog flow (instead of going to the current instance of a weblog.) This allows the reader to see more than just the current content of a weblog.

check out for one implementation of this.

b) produce RSS/Scripting News format syndications of interesting userland searches. some of them off the top of my head are xml, manila, microsoft, frontier, etc.

c) provide a way to narrow the weblog view by article keywords. this is sort of like b), but across all current weblogs.

comments are always welcome.


btw. thanks to Dave for externalizing the backend of the power of all of this is the consolidation of all of this great and various content in one place. the user interface, while important is really just the sugar coating.

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