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Could ThirdVoice actually be useful?

Author:Pat Breitenbach
Posted:9/28/1999; 8:58:06 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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Has anyone pondered how ThirdVoice might actually be useful?

For example, i haven't ried this yet, but it seems like it would be perfectly suited to assist in QAing a web site. you could send out a bunch of beta testers and tell them to provide their feedback as ThirdVoice post-its. To make this really work, ThirdVoice would need to provide some extra capabilities like assigning IDs to notes and having a centralized listing of feedback that could take you right to the page. This might involve a version of the ThirdVoice server that you would install on your own machines, behind the firewall even if you were only having employees test. I think these types of corporate uses are where ThirdVoice could really shine.

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