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Re: Web Users Own the Method of Presentation, Not Publishers

Author:Rogers Cadenhead
Posted:9/28/1999; 10:46:37 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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If any Third Voice users are tuned in, check out Rogers' home page. See the little boy? Want to have sex with him? ... I wonder if Rogers would object to your comments on his site? After all, he doesn't own the presentation.

I would certainly object -- no one should desire to have sex with me at any age, and if you need reasons I'll post a current photograph or ask my wife to participate in this discussion.

I don't own the distasteful comments of a Third Voice user any more than I own the tacky comment you just made here. They are hosted on servers I do not control and published by other people.

If Third Voice becomes the forum of choice for chatty pedophiles, I'll certainly recommend against using the plug-in the same way I recommend against public AOL chatrooms.

I won't, though, object on the grounds that Third Voice has no right to offer public annotation in the context of my Web site to users who opt to see it.

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