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Channel Update (1063) Problem

Author:Erik Neu
Posted:9/28/1999; 12:21:15 PM
Topic:Channel Display Problem
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My channel (1063) displays okay, but does not update. I get the text pasted below in the editor window at the bottom of the Weblog editor page.

TEXT PASTED BELOW: ______________ I just got some private email from Jim Herbert (of peppier thread fame) who seems to be having some trouble accessing the discussion group after initial success earlier today. He seems to be running on a unix box, so I though there might be some compatability issues involved. He offered the following URLs of screen shots depicting what he gets when he tries to access now > Something is wonky with my screen dumps (the color > is wrong) but you can see these shots at: > > > I thought I'd pass them along in case they help in identifying a bug or issue in how the discussion group functions with that kind of platform and browser.

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