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Re: You've never owned the look and feel ...

Author:Tucker Goodrich
Posted:9/28/1999; 11:56:58 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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That's true. I think what really irks Dave (and would irk me if i was in his shoes) is that people are able to add content to his site without his consent or knowledge.

There's something very different about adding stuff rather than taking it away... You're welcome to do the latter. You're even welcome (under copyright law) to copy the static pages you receive from Dave's site to your computer and add anything you want to it (just as you could xerox a photo from a magazine and add a moustache to it, to hang on your wall). It might annoy Dave, but you'd be within your rights. So long as you don't then serve it out to the rest of the internet.

Third voice is a lot closer to republishing the photograph in another magazine. The rights holder of the original photo would be entitled to be mad, and then sue you.

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