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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/29/1999; 3:01:32 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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CamWorld: Content Management Systems. Thanks for including Frontier. BTW, our top price changed, it's now $899. Vignette's top price is more like $2 million, not $100K. Also, we do not have Tcl/Tk specially embedded but on Windows we can connect thru Active Scripting. Further, Frontier is special because it has great text editing tools the others don't have. And we support the Mac, where lots of web content originates. We also run behind IIS and all major Mac web servers, as well as having our own integrated HTTP server. Everyone help Cam get the full story. This is great!

Progress report on My.UserLand. "Now there is an aggregator and an affiliate. The interface is implemented in XML-RPC, and it's going to be open and documented, so that affiliates can be written in any programming environment that can make XML-RPC calls and field them. You need to be both an XML-RPC client and server to implement an affiliate."

Murphy taught me much today! I shouldn't have boasted that He is my partner. No no! I am His humble servant. An insignificant sinner. I am repentant. Tomorrow is another day! With the help of Our Lord, My.UserLand will be churning and interfacing once again. Still diggin!

4/24/95: The Baseball God. "Anna Chavez, the anchor on KGO-TV said: 'Isn't it great Pete! No matter who wins, *we* win!' Imagine her putting both of her index fingers to her cheeks, twisting them slightly and swaying her head from side to side. I groaned when I heard her say it. 'This is not good.'"

Question: Murphy. Man? Or Woman?

The Register: Transmeta patent reveals plan. "The company's processor is intended to be faster than anything built using current technology, and to be able to run any of the operating software for any existing processors - faster than the original." Great news for scripting!

Red Herring: "For Scott Kurnit, life on Internet time means constant movement, like a shark in motion, always pushing forward. Resting means sinking to the bottom, disintegrating into the sands of time."

Chris Nolan on Patrick Naughton, July 1998: "Patrick is the kind of guy, you go, 'Patrick, you're a genius.' He says, 'Yeah.'"

MSNBC: eBay wants to stand alone. "We have a business to run here," said Rock. "Part of our business is to make sure that the user experience on eBay and the sites out there are accurate. The costs of allowing the aggregators doesn't outweigh the benefits."

Boston.Com reviews Tim Berners-Lee's new book: "If your requirement is to make a large amount of money, then your options in life are rather small," he said in a recent interview.

ComputerWorld: Will Third Voice turn your Web site into a voodoo doll? "If your company has a controversial product, your own Web site could become a protest rallying point."

Third Voice might start responding to web developer concerns if the reputations of their lead investor, and the companies they have invested in, were linked to the company. The company has a much brighter future, imho, if it finds ways to collaborate.

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