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Re: A 3rd voice alternative

Author:Tucker Goodrich
Posted:9/29/1999; 2:57:04 PM
Topic:A 3rd voice alternative
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The thing is that there may be no way legal way to do this. (Short of having a seperate forum, say in the current debate, where people post comments on the original site.)

In Scripting's case, I don't think Dave would be too happy with that either, but at least it would eliminate his complaint that it's messing with the look, feel, and content of

Third Voice is certainly better than CritLink, because you don't have to download it [on rereading this, I don't know what I was saying here, this is wrong...], and it doesn't copy the pages, just adds a layer on top of it at the client. Some of us have a problem w/ the whole concept of it...

If someone came up with glasses where anyone looking at your place of business could see comments posted by other people, wouldn't you be a little annoyed? I think most people would be.

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