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Ibook problem

Author:Daniel Fox
Posted:10/3/1999; 10:27:35 PM
Topic:Ibook problem
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I feel that the new Ibook will be a great laptop computer to use. I have done significant research over the past two months and have came up with a few ideas or problems with the ibook: 1. No Mac OS 9.0! I believe I read in the Ibook faq that there is no audio in on the Ibook so the "your voice is your password" feature in MacOS 9.0 would not be usable. Am I wrong? If I am wrong, shouldnt MacOS 9.0 be shipped with the Ibook? 2. External Mouse for lefties only! From the pictures of the Ibook I noticed that the USB jack is on the left side of the laptop makeing it impossible to use an external mouse and be right-handed. Am I wrong? Is there any way to set it up for right-handers (preferably one that doesnt cost a lot of money)? 3. Memory is available at a reasonable price! I dont know why everyone is complaining about "only 32mb of ram" THEN GET MORE MEMORY! Now I know that memory is suposed to be "expensive" but I have seen some websites advertise 128mb of ibook SDram for $250. If you cant afford more memory and want to complain about not enough memory, then dont get an Ibook! thank you for any replys you bother to send

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