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Re: Ibook problem

Author:David Valentine
Posted:10/3/1999; 11:07:59 PM
Topic:Ibook problem
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You know what, the usb ports on my PC are on the left. Guess I can't use the mouse on the right side of the computer. (Wanna talk foolish? how about adaptec's 8" scsi dongles for it's PCMCIA card. Can't move the computer when using scsi)

I remember reading those quotes from some mac rumours board. Two simple solutions 1) External USB mike. 2) Trackpad.

1) Voice Log-in is a golly gee whiz feature for MS to implement in window 98/2001. It's a nice security feature, but it's not as important as the mutliuser feature. Apple probably could not get a quality mike into the iBook at it's price point, or voice log-in was not a feature when the iBook specs were developed (ibook with it's agp may be a bit late). And, if you want to wait another eight weeks, I'm sure you can get an iBook with MacOS9 (eight weeks: two weeks to implemet at the factory, and 6 weeks by ship)

2) Buy a pointing device with a long usb cable, or a usb extension cable. Unlike the rumors site, you are not just going to grab the mouse off the iMac and say it does not reach. An iMac without a mouse is not usable, so you need to purchase on to tote around (unless you don't share the comptuer with anyone else).

An let's talk cool, ignored feature that's often ignored. Apple's trackpad implements drag, tap, and double-tap. A one button mouse does have it's advantages. If they'd just implement context menus with the click hold, instead of control click, no one would want a two button mouse.

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