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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/4/1999; 6:08:13 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: Sun is OK. "Linux advocates are in a hurry to rip up the pavement, the way the Java zealots were a few years ago, but there are already good roads and bridges in existing operating systems and applications. Our plan is to use those connections to lift the net to the next level, to add an architecture that includes all that has been accomplished by Sun, Microsoft, Apple, et al."

MSNBC: Mets beat Reds 5-0, make playoffs.

MacWEEK: Scramble over OS 9 Conflicts. "Sources said that Adobe, as well as other developers, have been relying on access the Mac OS's File Control Block (FCB) -- the system's method for tracking all open files -- and that Apple had made clear to developers its intent to change the structure of the FCB. In fact, sources said, Mac OS System Error 119 was created to flag this incursion." Uh oh.

MacWEEK editorial: "MacWEEK also received a cease-and-desist order from Apple's legal department."

Jon Udell: Internet Time ain't what it used to be. "Remember all that great stuff that was right around the corner in 1996? It's still right around the corner."

Jakob Nielsen: Ten Good Deeds in Web Design.

TechWeb: Solaris Source Release not Aimed at Linux.

Press release: Scriptics Unveils BizConnect. They use XML but they don't say that it's open. Hmmm. Let's check this out. Opportunity knocks!

Steve Ball has an implementation of XML-RPC for Tcl.

Gary Teter guesses at Marc Canter's next project.

WebReference.Com: Universal Related Popup Menus.

John Dvorak: The Linux Myth. "On a $199 machine, the OS can't cost more than a few bucks. Microsoft will have to shoot the OS cash cow if it wants to play. Microsoft won't be able to bundle its suites down there either, and it won't give Win CE away. So Microsoft's out of the picture. This new market has Linux written all over it. Get ready." Exactly.

Zope.Org: LDAP Roadmap.

PC: Getting Started with XML. "Although strictly speaking, XML is a data-markup specification, the term has come to include a variety of related technologies, such as XML DOM, XSL, XLL, XML namespaces, and VML."

This morning I got a lecture from The Stuffed Dog. Today such immaturity can only appear on my website by invitation. Imagine if you *had* to read his comments to read my web page.

NY Times: "A wild pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning has allowed the Mets to go on and play the Reds for the N.L. wild-card spot." You gotta believe!

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