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Author:Andrew Duncan
Posted:10/4/1999; 8:58:51 AM
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In the latest DaveNet, Dave says:

"Want a vision of where the web is headed? Check out Launched in beta a couple of weeks ago, this stunning site changed my point of view on what can be accomplished with JavaScript, ActiveX and whatever other kinds of mysterious code-doo-dads they're using. I haven't investigated. But when I played with the site it gave me the kind of goosebumps that the web used to give in the early early days. A new idea, a powerful execution -- my competitive spirit is raised!"

So I jumped over to their site. Oh dear, they tell me that Mac and Unix systems are not supported, but they are working on it.

Has anyone with a WebTV or a PalmPilot tried the site? Any luck?

Hmmm... I wonder if they are testing against Mozilla?

This kind of thing doesn't give me goosebumps so much as it sends a chill down my spine.

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