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Five years of Davenet

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:10/4/1999; 8:27:30 AM
Topic:Five years of Davenet
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Again: wow! Five years have gone by in a jiffy, and I'm still reading. I didn't start reading on day one, because I didn't know about it, but once I started reading I stuck with it. Because its real. And not always agreeable, but real.

Dave asked how to celebrate. Here's a couple of suggestions:

First, Dave, could you put up a page with what you consider the best Davenets that you've written in those five years? I'd love to see the "male anger" pieces again because they caused so much of a stir, and the discussion of Dvorak's sexism, and lots of other stuff.

Second, we could open a discussion trying to think where we'll be in five years. Where would *you* like to be in five years? Where would you like Davenet, UserLand and Frontier to be? Where do you think the web will be? Me, I know: retired (or at least off the treadmill), just doing cool stuff with the web and not having to work for a living. :)

Dream on, my gut feeling says.. :) Oh well.

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