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Cover your ears and say 'I cant hear you!'

Author:Div Shekhar
Posted:10/4/1999; 7:05:46 PM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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As a regular reader, I have no problem reading stuff I don't always agree with. The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes your mind is welded shut. Especially when you might be wrong.

The Stuffed Dog had an opinion some of your comments (and I agree with them). You seem to have ignored the content, while deriding the style. Perhaps we are too 'immature' to see that our opinions are wrong. I hope not: it would not reflect well on your readership, for I and The Stuffed Dog are obviously regular readers.

Sometimes, it is difficult to imagine alternate points of view. A second opinion is a good place to start. Here is a thought experiment for you to try: start with the assumption that your opinion is wrong.

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