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Re: The Linux Myth

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:10/4/1999; 5:46:24 PM
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I've heard confusion on this topic, but my impression is that the Sega Dreamcast doesn't actually ship with WinCE, but that instead there is a WinCE development kit that developers can (and will) use.

It is supposed to load off of the game GD (Sega's proprietory CD/DVD middle-of-the-road format), the idea being that the system can load the OS off of each disk, allowing for seamless "updates" to the OS.

I'm sure MS gets a small cut of each of those disks. (It is probably well-deserved, though; from what I hear it's a pretty good tool set, although one must keep in mind that console programmers aren't exactly used to tools such as "debuggers" and "code libraries" that weren't developed in house.)

Of course, that's in an entirely different market (despite all efforts to bring it together). Will MS do that for a "computer", their "core market"? When Linux and BeOS are either free, or nearly so?

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