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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/5/1999; 5:35:18 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Syndicated Story Flow in XML-RPC: "If you implement an affiliate, you'll get all the stories that flow thru My.UserLand flowing thru your server. You can use the flow to implement a search engine, to include stories from sites like Wired, Red Herring, Salon or Motley Fool on your home page, or you could mail links to stories to people who subscribe to your service. There's already a rich flow of stories coming thru this channel."

The next step is to release the Frontier 6 affiliate app. With luck Zope and Perl versions should be available at the same time.

The My.UserLand XML archives are back on-line after the aggregator-affiliate split. Hard work!

MacWEEK: New iMac, OS 9 Released.

Frontier security alert, for sites using the Safe Macros feature. There aren't many of these sites yet.

Microsoft: Linux Myths.

What is Everything?

What is CobolScript?

Press release: Management changes at DataChannel. Departing CEO starts "XML Fund".

An interesting thread on Zope, RSS and XML-RPC on Jon Udell's discussion group.

Dan Shafer: Standards Support a Little Late. "Browsers are becoming less important for two principal reasons: a blurring of distinction between the browser and other pieces of software, and the emergence of new form factors that make the classic idea of a browser seem quaint."

MSNBC: Microsoft, MIT in Technology Alliance. "Among the planned I-campus projects are an expansion of the MIT Shakespeare electronic archive of electronic text and facsimiles of the playwright’s work, and the design of a global education system in conjunction with the National University of Singapore."

MIT: Project I-Campus.

Wired: College Students Talk about College Portals. "I didn't find them particularly useful," said Loren Clive, a UC-Berkeley sophomore.

Last night I read the first couple of chapters in Tim Berners-Lee's autobiography. First observation, I wish, when he was looking for a hypertext company to work with in the late 80s, he had talked to me! We missed each other by inches, it seems. Second, before he developed the worldwide web, he worked on RPC over the Internet. Wow. I'd like to meet him someday and show him how our outliners work. His writing makes me want to deeply integrate outlining and the web. I highly recommend this book to anyone who takes the web professionally. It's opening my eyes in a new way. was the first website.

BTW, TBL is a professor at MIT. Synchronicity!

Winductor is "an exciting new scripting language benefiting anybody who works with Windows; including HTML developers and programmers. This incredibly versatile tool seamlessly streamlines common tasks, allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently."

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