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Re: The Linux Myth

Author:David Rothgery
Posted:10/5/1999; 5:47:50 AM
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The usual model in the video game console market is that for about a year (maybe as long as 18 months, depending on how fast component prices fall) after the system's launched, it's being sold at a loss, but they stay on the market for 3-5 years. During the last few years, when good games are still available (indeed, later games for a still-popular older system tend to be better, if less visually impressive, than the first games for a new system), the consoles are usually money-makers.

Frex, Sony makes a lot of money off PlayStations sold for $99 these days, but was losing money on PlayStations sold for $199 at launch. I'm not sure when they started making money a profit on PSX's, though.

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