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Scripting News more about scripting than ever

Posted:10/5/1999; 2:59:30 PM
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It's funny you think that way. To me it seems like SN has become more focused on Scripting than ever before.

Like you I've been a Davenet reader for quite a few years now. I remember when Dave was pining for his own server, followed the release of various versions of Frontier, and have regularly checked SN since its inception.

Like DaveNet, over the years SN has pointed to sites covering subjects as wide ranging as the death penalty, mac software, Aretha Franklin and Dancing Hampsters. These days most of the links on the SN front page point to other scripting sites. There are regular pointers to Zope/Python, SOAP, Applescript etc. Even DaveNets seem to concern scripting more than other topics.

I don't think a change in name is in order. SN, to me, seems to be living up to the current name quite nicely.


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