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Re: Still diggin!

Posted:10/5/1999; 3:23:49 PM
Topic:Five years of Davenet
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Still diggin' reminds me of a video I watched yesterday. It was an Australian comedy called The Castle

It's about the Kerrigan family who stand up to big business when there house is to be knocked down to make way for airport extensions.

The Kerrigans live next to the airport, but love their home. They are always making extensions to it, most of which are unfinished or pending. A great quote (in context) by one of the boys is: "I dug a hole"

Rather than seeing this as just a hole in the ground, the father uses it as an excuse to build a patio.

Anyway, The Castle is a great film about a family that just goes on diggin'

Check it out if you like Aussie humour


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