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Everything: An early example of edit this page?

Posted:10/5/1999; 4:04:45 PM
Topic:Everything: An early example of edit this page?
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Has anyone who reads this discussion group visited the Everything website?.

Everything is part database, part discussion group, part encyclopaedia, part homepage. Its basic purpose is to define or explain everything. Idea, people, places and things are the current categories, but a new version will add to this.

Users can make an Everything node based on a string (e.g. the XML node). Two people get the chance to do a writeup of the node. In your write up you can link to other nodes. If your link points to a node that doesn't exist, anyone who follows the link can decide what it is and do a write up. As you may imagine, Everything covers a wide and varied continuum of topics.

The reason I have written about it here, is that it appears to me to feature a relatively early version of "Edit This Page". If you log in to Everything and go to a node you have written up, you get the opportunity to change your writeup. This has been a feature right from the start in 1997(?).

Anyway, if you are slightly interested then check it out.

Oh, and it's written in perl and hooks up to an MySQL database. The source is also available. Come to think of it, couldn't something like Everything be created and managed in Frontier?


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