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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/10/1999; 8:20:26 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Webtechniques: Scripting XML with Tcl. "To initiate an XML-RPC request, the Tcl-RPC package creates an XML document containing the method name to invoke and its parameters, and then sends it to the server via an HTTP request."

Webtechniques: Distributed Software Development. "To work on a file, one needs to check it out, just like taking a book out of a library. Once changes are complete, the file is checked back in, accompanied with brief comments describing the changes. A checked-in file is immutable, and can't be changed again without checking it out."

SJ Merc: Buying a Mac no longer a risky investment. "By sheer force of personality, and undoubtedly a lot of screaming behind the scenes, Jobs has completely turned around Apple since re-taking control of the company two years ago."

Edd Dumbill: XML-RPC for PHP v1b5.

Brent Simmons: New UserLand Search Engine Feature.

Seattle Times: Site aims to deflate Linux hype.

I added a static rendering that's updated every time our aggregator completes a scan, that is the HTMLization of the last 12 links from Salon, Red Herring, Wired and Motley Fool.

Ken MacLeod explains how the IETF process works and outlines his plan for standardizing "Lightweight Distributed Objects."

XML-Hack: New print magazine coming.

I'm looking for pointers to disclaimers of intellectual property rights for public specifications.

Fredrik Lundh found excellent prior art for disclaimers.

On the IETF site, a list of claims by companies who appear to be saying that an IETF activity is venturing into areas where they believe they have a patent. is a really nice site!

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