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Re: Learning about aggregation

Author:Hannes Wallnöfer
Posted:10/13/1999; 5:10:05 AM
Topic:Learning about aggregation
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At least on our side (I don't know if there were other problem affiliates), the problem was not caused by availability or performance of the connection, but rather a specific setup problem or bug.

The server which received the updates from Userland is written in Java and compiled down to a native Linux binary. Although this is a very powerful combination (and worked well with our own local XML-RPC calls), the technology is not super mature, and it requires all Java classes (that other JVMs may load dynamically) to be compiled and linked in advance.

The problem was somewhere in the handling of TCP connections of our XML-RPC server. We haven't pinned it down yet, but sometimes when receiving an update from Userland, the server seems to have gone into something like black-hole mode, sucking in all connections, but never reading or writing back anything.

One question that could help us find the problem: Did the XML-RPC calls use HTTP/1.0 or 1.1, and were there any keep-alive headers in the requests?

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