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Learning about aggregation

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/12/1999; 12:39:17 PM
Topic:Learning about aggregation
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Taking a step back

The XML-RPC connection we specified between affiliates and the aggregator works great if the connection between the aggregator and all the affiliates is 7-by-24 and high performance.

The system, as we currently have it implemented, seriously bogs down if one or more of the affiliates is not reliable. We have made the aggregator software more bullet-proof but having made a big change on the server, I want to take a step back and let it burn in for a couple of days, to shake out any problems.


I've disabled all the affiliates except for the one critical one, "My.UserLand". So if the story flow is running smoothly on the My.UserLand home page, we can see easily and unambiguously that the step-back worked.

If you're running an affiliate, stay tuned, I'm going to distribute new software and a new spec for interfacing with the aggregator. It'll be a lot less sensitive to outages among the affiliates, and easy to configure and may not require XML-RPC for basic functionality. (We'll see, first I want to dig out from the problems.)

Frontier server developers

If you're sending asynchronous XML-RPC messages, there's a new version of betty.rpc.agent attached to this DG message. Once this is burned in, it will go out thru the root updates process.

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